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6 Tips for Creating A Website That Converts Dream Clients

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As a creative business owner, you probably have a million things on your plate… but leaving your website to chance? It can truly make or break your business. Your website is your online home and it’s unlikely a dream guest will want to stay if your place is messy, crowded, or has them wondering why on earth they stopped by in the first place. If you’re struggling to book new clients through your website, it may be time to tidy up. 

It’s not just about having an aesthetically pleasing and functional website (though these are incredibly important factors, too). It’s about creating a site that effectively communicates what you offer, why it matters, and how to purchase from you. Whether you’re DIYing a new site or looking to update your current one, I’m sharing a list of six elements that make up a high-converting website. Here are some tips that go beyond fixing broken links and other tech issues that are kind of (hopefully) no-brainers when creating a website.

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and let’s turn those dream clients into booked ones!

Ensure your brand elements are cohesive 

First, make sure that all of your brand elements (logos, colors, fonts, etc.) are cohesive. Us humans just naturally like something more when it looks nice. If your brand elements clash with one another, it can be off-putting or confusing to potential clients. But when everything aligns and flows smoothly, it can be visually pleasing and enhance your brand’s credibility. Your visitors will appreciate the attention to detail, and you’ll be on your way to a website that not only looks great, but also has potential clients submitting inquiries to work with you.

Review your copywriting + content

Next up is to take a look at the words on your website. Your website copy is just as important than the design of the site itself. When reviewing your copywriting/content, here are a few key questions to ask:

  • Is your messaging clear? Has anything shifted recently?
  • Is the content written in a tone that is appropriate for your brand/audience?
  • Are you speaking your audience’s language and addressing their pain points?
  • Are the sentences/paragraphs concise and easy to read?

Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to website copy. So if there are too many words across your pages, it may be time to give your website the Marie Kondo treatment and declutter any unnecessary, confusing, or boring text. But for blog content, it’s just the opposite! Keeping your blog updated with fresh, engaging content is a simple way to show potential clients that you’re an expert at what you do, and that you care about providing value. Plus, it also helps get your SEO in top-notch shape (more on that in tip #4!).

Use high-quality visuals

Picture (pun intended) this: you come across a website with content that resonates with you, but the images look like they were taken with a potato. Chances are, you’ll pretty quickly move on. You want your website to put its best foot forward — making sure you have quality images throughout your website will make a huge difference in how people perceive your business (and I’m sure it goes without saying that this is especially important when you’re a photographer). So don’t skimp on the pictures and invest in brand photos that reflect your vibe/personality/brand. If it’s not an option just yet, Hautestock is a great stock photo subscription for creative entrepreneurs.

Invest in keyword research

Investing in keyword research is like planting a seed that will grow into a dream garden of website traffic. Once you understand what keywords/search terms your audience is looking for, you can tailor your website and blog content accordingly. You have to put in some effort and patience at the beginning, but once the flowers start blooming, the payoff is worth it. It’s also important to water it (aka maintain your SEO strategy) regularly for long-term success. Did you know we offer an SEO Starter Kit for our clients? Reach out to learn more! 

Focus on user experience

The secret to a high-performing website isn’t just the aesthetics or content, it’s also about focusing on the user experience. Your website needs to be easily navigable so visitors have no issues engaging with your business. Since we’re talking conversions, it’s especially important to prioritize any aspects of your site that will help to generate revenue (service/product pages, contact forms, etc.) Every page/section/button of your website should flow and direct visitors toward the desired action.

Incorporate social proof

Finally, if you want to create a website that converts dream clients, you need to show them that you’re the real deal. Reviews, testimonials, case studies, and portfolio pieces are all examples of social proof that can help build credibility/trust with potential clients. You should also display trust badges and logos of well-known brands or publications that have featured your business (I’m looking at you, photographers!) if you have them. Having social proof on your website is like having a personal cheerleading squad hyping you up.

Get the website audit checklist

Looking for more tips to get the website traffic and conversions you’re hoping for? Of course you are! Grab our Website Audit Checklist. It covers everything mentioned above, plus a few other helpful nuggets so you can be sure no stone is left unturned. With this little gem in your back pocket, you’ll be able to identify the weak points on your website and make the necessary changes to take it to the next level! Your visitors (and your bottom line) will thank you.

If this all seems like a lot, we’ve got you. For those going the DIY route, check out our Showit template shop for photographers and creatives to find beautiful, affordable templates with a lot of these things built in or ready for you to complete. For those who are ready to invest in taking their business to the next level, check out or Website in a Week or custom design options. We’d love to help!

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